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PDF Document Management 10: Add PDF Watermark by Text

This function adds a PDF Watermark using stylized text string that appears behind or over the existing PDF document content when a document is displayed or printed.

There are property options for Text string, Position and PDF Action. For example, you might want to apply a “TOP SECRET” watermark to pages with sensitive information. You can specify the page or range of pages on which each watermark appears.

Batch (DOS) Command Support: You can start a batch job in Windows by issuing the execution command directly from the MS-DOS command prompt window without opening the PDFill GUI.

Here are the steps on how to add a PDF Watermark by Text or Change the Properties for PDF Watermark by Text:

Choose Document Menu > Watermark by Text

or click Watermark by Text Button in the Document Toolbar.

Here is the dialog of Watermark by Text's Properties:

There are properties options for Text properties, Position and  Action.  Here is the list of the properties:

Watermark by Text onto PDF Page Click the button to show Watermark by Text onto PDF Page
Preview Page Use the Preview Page option to see different pages of the PDF
Text Properties:


Select a string from the text box or type a new string into the String box

Font Encode

Click here to see the listed links to international graphical representations, and textual listings, of each of the Windows codepages that PDFill supports

Font Name

Some font is empty for the selected Font Encode. You must play with several fonts to see if it works inside PDFill

Font Enbed Font Embedding allows the fonts used in the creation of a text string to travel with that PDF document, ensuring that a user sees that text string exactly as the designer intended them to be seen. But, it requires bigger PDF file size. There are 3 options: Auto, NOT Embedded and Embedded

Font Style

Font Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic

Font Color The color of the text

Font Size

The size of the Font. If EMPTY or 0, font size will be decided automatically by "Scale to Page"

Stroke Type

Select text draw type:  Fill, Stroke and Fill Stroke,

Stroke Color The color of the stroke
Stroke Size The percentage of the actual Font Size
Alignment Text Alignment in horizontal direction:  Left, Central and Right
UnderLine A single line along the bottom of text
StrikeThrough A line in the middle of the text
Blend Mode 12 Color Blend Modes for the text. Save into a new PDF to see effect
Transparency Overall Transparency of the text
Position Properties:  
Scale to Page Click this option to decide the font size automatically


The rotation degree from 3 clock relative to the Text Box center

Vertical Distance The vertical distance from Top, Center and Bottom
Horizontal Distance The horizontal distance from Left, Center and Right
Pages Not Shown:

Enter the pages that watermark is not shown.  For example: 1, 6, 3-7, even, odd


It will show on the Foreground or Background of the PDF document

Action: Add Link, Submit, JavaScript and more ...

See PDF Actions.

Batch (DOS) Command Support:
You can start a batch job in Windows by issuing the execution command directly from the MS-DOS command prompt window without opening the PDFill GUI.
(It is only available for the registered user of PDFill PDF Editor)

"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" WatermarkText Input.pdf Output.pdf "Top Secret" -fontEncode "Western"  -fontName "Times New Roman" -fontStyle 3 -rgbFontColor "0 0 255"  -rgbStrikeColor "255 0 0" -flagLayout 0  -drawType 1 -StrokeSize 1.0 -flagOrder 0 -transparency 0.5  -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last"

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