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Free PDF Writer Free PDF Writer See Free PDF Writer
Output Options See Output Options
Optimization See PDF Optimization
Description See PDF Description
Security See PDF Security
View Preference See PDF View Preference
Presentation See PDF Presentation
Rotate & Crop See PDF Page's Rotate and Crop
Free Image Writer Free Image Writer Click to use Free Image Writer.
Output Options See Image Writer's Output Options.
PNG See Image Writer's PNG.
JPG See Image Writer's JPG.
BMP See Image Writer's BMP.
TIF See Image Writer's TIF.
GIF See Image Writer's GIF.
Flashing On The saving buttons will be flashing  inside the dialog.
Period The flashing period in second
Toolbar's Icon Size

16 x 16 point The toolbar's icon size will be 16 x 16 point
24 x 24 point The toolbar's icon size will be 24 x 24 point
32 x 32 point The toolbar's icon size will be 32 x 32 point

Places this Dialog above all other windows This dialog will be positioned topmost above all the other windows.
Show Max Icon Show the max icon of the dialog.
Show Scroll Bar Show the scroll bar of the dialog.
480 x 360 The window size of the dialog will be 480 x 360.
640 x 480 The window size of the dialog will be 640 x 480.
800 x 600 The window size of the dialog will be 800 x 600.

Theme Menu:

There are 8 themes for menu style: Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, Windows XP, Visual Studio 2005, Office 2007, Office 2007 Ribbon, or Office 2007 Frame

Advanced Menu:

Add/Remove PDF Button into/from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (Before 2013) A PDF button inside Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel lets you save files as PDF with one click!

For Vista or Win7 user, please Right Click the Icon of "PDFill PDF&Image Writer" from Desktop and select "Run as Administrator". Then, select Advanced Menu to Add or Remove PDF Button.

Inside Microsoft Office, Select Tools => Customize=> Toolbars=>Reset to remove the PDF Icon.

Add PDF Button into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2013 or later) The PDFill PDF Button for Office 2013 or later needs to be downloaded and installed separately. See PDFill PDF Button for Office 2013.
Reset All Parameters Reset all parameters to the default values and exit the dialog.
Keep Last PS file after Saving After you print into the writer, the PS will be kept so that you can save into a new file using new options without printing the same document again.
View Folder after saving The folder will be displayed automatically after the saving.
System Information About PDFill PDF & Image Writer and System Information

GhostScript GhostScript's version and its installation path.
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader's version and its installation path. Get update.
Temp File Keep Days When Printing to PDFill Writer, a temporary PS file is generated. This file can be used for later PDF saving if "Keep Last PS file after Saving" is selected. The option decides the number of days that this PS file will be kept inside PDFill Temporary folder.

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