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1.  Install or Uninstall PDFill PDF & Image Writer

2.  Quick Start on how to create PDF or Image files

3.  Frequent Asked Questions

4.  License Agreement

1.  Install or Uninstall PDFill PDF&Image Writer:

PDFill has the following installation requirements:

  • You must have a Free Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or later. Does not require the full version of Adobe Acrobat to run. You can access http://www.adobe.com to download Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems Incorporated.  
  • Free AFPL Ghostscript 8.50 or Later. You can download and install manually the GhostScript 8.63 (FREE) from www.PDFill.com 
  • Download PDFill PDF & Image Writer from https://www.pdfill.com/download.html. 
  • Total system memory of at least 128 MB RAM.  
  • A minimum of 50MB free hard disk space.  
  • SVGA monitor. Suggested monitor settings: 16 bit color and 800x600 or higher.

To Install PDFill:

  • If your OS is Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, please use an administrator account to install or uninstall the application.
  • If you have older version of PDFill installed, please uninstall it before you install the newer version.
  • Double-click the installation EXE file in Windows Explorer. Follow all the instructions in the dialog boxes that appear.

To remove PDFill:

  • Exit from PDFill first.
  • To uninstall PDFill, click START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL. Then Double Click Add/Remove Programs. Select any copies of PDFill that you find and click remove.
2. Quick Start on how to create PDF or Image files:

To use your PDFill PDF & Image Writer, open the file that you would like to print to PDF or Image. Select the Print option (usually found under File > Print), and select PDFill PDF & Image Writer from the list of available printers. You will be prompted to select the destination directory and filename for your output file.

Please note that some applications, such as NotePad, will automatically print to your default printer when you select the Print option. If you want to print to PDFill PDF & Image Writer, you may need to change your printer selection within that application before printing the file. This can typically be done from Page Setup.

After you print, you will see the saving options dialog. You can hide this dialog by turning on "Simple GUI (Hide this Dialog in Saving File)".

When the Save As Dialog comes out, you can switch the File Type of PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF or TIF. If both the default folder and the default file name are defined, the Save As Dialog will not come out.

3. Frequent Asked Questions:

PDFill Writer doesn't work.

PDFill PDF writer shows some error message. 

Click PDFill PDF Writer Icon from Desktop, from Advanced Menu=>Reset all Parameters. Then, restart your computer.

Right Click WordPad, MS Word or IE from Desktop and select "Run as Administrator". Print into PDFill PDF Writer to see if it can work.

Please try the latest GhostScript to see if it can help. GhostScript can be downloaded here, or from sourceforge.net.

If still not work, Uninstall PDFill.  Download the most recent PDFill again. When reinstalling, right-click the exe and select "Run as Administrator" to install. You must turn off your Firewall and any Antivirus software.

Still have Problem with PDFill Writer, Please try another free PDF Writer, like CutePDF.

How to stop Windows 10 from changing the default printer

Go to the following page: Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners.  See the option named "Let Windows manage my default printer". Turn it off.

Microsoft Edge Browser cannot print into PDFill PDF Writer

Since PDFill PDF Writer is not Apps, it doesn't support Apps Printing. Microsoft Edge Browser is an Apps inside Windows 10. Please restart your computer if you print into PDFill PDF Writer from Apps.

How to change the PDFill Writer's Option after Print? From Desktop, Click the icon of PDFill PDF Writer (Free). Click the tab of Output Options,  turn OFF "Simple GUI (Hide this Dialog in Saving File)". You will see the saving option dialog after you Print.
The Printed Pages always rotate From Desktop, click the icon of PDFill PDF Writer (Free). Click the tab of Rotate&Crop Options,  turn OFF "Use these Rotate and Crop Options".
Install Printer Driver failed;

PDFill Writer is not showing up in my print window selection.

Follow the steps below to add a Printer manually afterwards.
1) Go to Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes to add a local printer.
2) Choose "PDFillWriterPort" on Select a Printer Port dialog box, click Next.
3) Choose a Postscript Printer (PS) (e.g. Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600), click Next.
4) Enter "My PDF Writer" as Printer name, click Next -> Finish.
PDFill PDF Writer doesn't support concurrent printing Please send your printing jobs one by one. Have some delay between each job.
Problem to set the registry or Problem to run batch file from Windows Task Scheduler.

Use login user account instead of "Local Service" or "System.

How to add or remove the PDF Button inside Microsoft Word, Excel or Presentation? 1. For Vista or Win7 user, please Right Click the Icon of "PDFill PDF&Image Writer" from Desktop and select "Run as Administrator". Then, select Advanced Menu to Add or Remove PDF Button.
2. Inside Microsoft Office, Select Tools=> Customize=> Toolbars=>Reset to remove the PDF Icon.
PDFill PDF Button for Office 2013 or Later To install a PDF button inside Office 2013 (Microsoft Word,  PowerPoint and Excel), please follow these steps.
The PDF Button doesn't show in my Microsoft Word 2010 Find the Microsoft Office Button, click Word Options, and then click Add-Ins.
PDFill does support XP/2003/Vista/Win7 64 bit See https://www.pdfill.com/download.html
PDFill Writer doesn't work on Vista or Win7;

"PDFillWriterPort" doesn't show on my computer

Please use administrator account and turn off UAC (User Access Control) to download and install PDFill.

Enter the Control Panel and type UAC in the search box. The first result returned by the search will be User Accounts  Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off.

Adobe Reader for 98/ME You need Adobe Reader 5.1 that is the latest version to support 98/ME.
International Text characters are wrong or missing in generated PDF file. On Win2000/XP/Vista boxes, select PDFill Writer properties in the application print dialog box and click "Advanced". Select "Download as Softfont" (default is "Substitute with Device Fonts") on TrueType Fonts setting for font embedding. 
PDF Writer creates PRN(*.prn) file instead of PDF. Please don't click "print to file". The new PDF will be created in a few seconds.
The saved PDF is opened by PDFill  instead of Adobe Reader. Uninstall and install Adobe Reader again from here.
The default Paper Size is Letter, how can I use other page size, such as MySize 8.5 x 22"? For XP or Win7: Select and Highlight "PDFill PDF&Image Writer" Under "Printers and Faxes"; Under File => Server Properties => Form => Create a new form with Form name MySize 8.5 x 22" and define Width 8.5in and Height 22in => Save Form; For your application, use Page Setup and select Paper MySize 8.5 x 22".

For Vista, Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Printer Management => Print Server => Form => Manage Form => Create a new form.

You may have to use Zoom => Scale to Paper Size inside MS Word.

You may try to Set Paper Properties from here:
Control Panel => Printers and Faxes => PDFill PDF&Image Writer => Right Click to select Printing Preferences => Advanced => Paper Size => Select a Page Size or Use Postscript Size

How can I print a PDF with size 14 x 22" to a new PDF with the same size? Open your PDF inside Adobe Reader. Select Print Dialog Box. Select PDFill PDF Writer first. Click: Properties => Advanced => Paper Size => Use Postscript Custom Size=>Edit Custom Page Size=>Width 14" and Height 22".
How can I add Web link in the new PDF? There are two ways:
1. In your doc, please show the link explicitly: PDFill PDF Editor (http://www.PDFill.com)
2. Add a Web link by PDFill PDF Editor. See
How can I change the layout of PDF from Microsoft Excel? Inside Microsoft Excel, use File =>Print Preview=>Close. The page layout dashing line will be displayed inside Excel. You may need to adjust the the column width or the row height to get the desired layout.
Problem to print an entire Excel workbook to a single PDF file. Please set the same Print Quality to the same DPI inside Page Setup options for all individual Excel sheets. See details.
How can I get a better PDF layout from HTML? Please try to convert HTML pages into a Microsoft Word document, then, Print Word into PDFill PDF Writer.
ERROR: undefined OFFENDING COMMAND: eexec STACK: /quit
Please decrypt the PDF using Free PDFill PDF Tools.
Get Free Support Please see Support information.

4 License Agreement


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