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Free PDF Tools 7: Add PDF Watermark by Text

This FREE PDF Tool can add a PDF watermark using stylized text string that appears behind or over the existing PDF document content when a document is displayed or printed.

There are options of font encode, font name, font style, font color, stroke color, text layout, stroke color, stroke size and background order.

Here are the steps on how to Add PDF Watermark by Text into PDF Pages:

1. Choose  Free PDF Tools > Add Watermark > by Text

2. Select a PDF file that you want to add watermark by text.

3. The Add Watermark by Text dialog box comes up:

Select a string from the text box or type a new string into this box.
Select text layout: Diagonal, Horizontal or Vertical.
Select text draw type:  Fill Stroke, Fill and Stroke, and Invisible.
Select textís font name, style and color.
Select Stroke Color and Stoke Size.
Select Order: Background means the text is behind the existing document content.  Foreground means that the text is over the existing document.

PDFill almost supports all the languages: ANSI, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, BALTIC, EASTEUROPE, OEM, MAC, RUSSIAN, SYMBOL, TURKISH, GREEK, ARABIC, HEBREW, THAI and VIETNAMESE. Here are the tips for the international user:

1. Select your language coding from PDFill Options. You may try to select a different font to see if it works. Some font may be empty.

2. To have your font, please make sure that you can view your language in IE browser. Please install your language font if you cannot find your language coding.

3 . Download the Asian and Central European font packs for your Adobe Reader:


4.Click Save As to have a new PDF file.  The new file may be launched automatically if you have installed Adobe Reader.

5. Do experiment with the options available to see which best suit your needs.  Click Close to finish.

Note: If you have problem to read your PDF into PDFill, open your PDF document inside Adobe Reader. Then, print into a new PDF using PDFill PDF Writer.

Batch (DOS) Command Support: (It is only available for the registered user of PDFill PDF Editor)

You can start a batch job in Windows by issuing the execution command directly from the MS-DOS command prompt window without opening the PDFill GUI.
Note: Please put "" on your file name with space. Make sure all command is in one line.

"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" WatermarkText Input.pdf Output.pdf "Top Secret" -fontEncode "Western"  -fontName "Times New Roman" -fontStyle 3 -rgbFontColor "0 0 255"  -rgbStrikeColor "255 0 0" -flagLayout 0  -drawType 1 -StrokeSize 1.0 -flagOrder 0 -transparency 0.5  -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last"

  • "Top Secret":  The string to be added as Watermark. Must have "" if there is space.
  • -fontEncode "Western": (Optional) Font Encode. Default is "Western".
  • -fontName "Times New Roman": (Optional) Font name. Default is "Times New Roman".
  • -fontStyle 0: (Optional) Font Styles: 0 (Regular), 1 (Bold), 2 (Italic) and 3 (Bold Italic).
  • -rgbFontColor "0 0 255": (Optional) Font color in Red, Green and Blue Component between 0 to 255. Default is 0 0 255. Note: Put "" on the 3 values and each value (0-255) is separated with space.
  • -rgbStrikeColor "255 0 0": (Optional) Strike color in Red, Green and Blue Component between 0 to 255. Default is 255 0 0. Note: Put "" on the 3 values and each value (0-255) is separated with space.
  • -flagLayout 0: (Optional) 0 (Horizontal), 1 (Vertical), and 2 (Diagonal).  Default is 0.
  • -drawType 1: (Optional) 0 (Fill), 1 (Stroke), 2 (Fill and Stroke), and 3 (Invisible). Default is 1.
  • -StrokeSize 1.0: (Optional) the stroke size using Percent of the actual font size. Default is 1.0.
  • -flagOrder 0: (Optional) 0 is Background and 1 is Foreground. Default is 1.
  • -transparency 0.5: (Optional) value between 0 and 1. Default is 0.
  • -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last": (Optional) The pages not shown.
  • Example:
    "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" WatermarkText
    "D:\BatchTest\FormsAPIReference.pdf"  "D:\BatchTest\output.pdf"  "Top Secret" -fontEncode "Western" -fontName "Times New Roman" -fontStyle 3 -rgbFontColor "0 0 255"  -rgbStrikeColor "255 0 0" -flagLayout 0  -drawType 1 -StrokeSize 1.0 -flagOrder 0 -transparency 0.5 -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last"


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