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Free PDF Tools 14: Free Scanner (Scan to Image or Scan to PDF)

This FREE PDF Tool can scan your Paper Form or Photo into images (PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF and GIF) or PDF.

You can select File Type and set the folder name and file name. You can view File and folder after saving. For ADF scanner, there is Auto Feed function. For TIF file type, you can add new image to the existing TIF file. For JPG file type, you can set JPG quality.

Here are the steps on how to scan to Images or PDF:

1. Choose  Free PDF Tools > Free Scanner

2. Select a Folder name to store the images or PDF

3. Enter the File name for images or PDF.

4. Select the file type: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF or PDF


  • Overwrite the existing file: If checked, the existing file will be overwritten; If not checked, a new file name with increasing digital number will be used.
  • View File after Saving: The new file will be launched automatically.
  • View Folder after Saving: The folder will be launched automatically.
  • Scanning Method: TWAIN or WIA
  • Auto Feed (ADF Scanner Only): Enable Automatic Document Feeding process. It requires that both your scanner and its driver support ADF.
  • Add New Image to the Existing TIF File: Create a TIF with Multiple Page.
  • Close this dialog after Scan: Close this dialog after the scanning.
  • Show Scanner GUI: Show the Scanner GUI.
  • JPG Quality: The higher the JPEG Quality property, the better the JPEG quality and the greater the size of the file.

4. Click Scan Now, then Select one source from the available sources.

5. Do experiment with the options available to see which best suit your needs.  Click Close to finish.

If you have scanner "Server Busy" or other problem,   Please use the following options:

  • Update your scanner's driver from its manufacturer website, especially for the 64 bit.
  • Make sure that the Windows Scanner (Microsoft Paint: File Menu=>From Scanner or Camera) and your scanner's software can work.
  • Then, you can update PDFill and use WIA Method: PDFill PDF Editor: File Menu =>Import Image from Scanner => Scan using WIA; PDFill PDF Tools: Scan into Image or PDF => Scanning Method => WIA
  • You can also use the Windows Scanner to scan your paper into images, then, insert them into PDFill PDF Editor.

Since PDFill doesn't have OCR function, if you want to reduce the PDF file size,  try scanning at a lower resolution, and in black-and-white instead of color. That will shrink the file size considerably.


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