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Free PDF Editor Online Tools 6: Add Header and Footer Online for Free

Select a PDF File to Add Header or Footer:


Add Header

Add on First Page  Show Page Number

Text Before Page Number

Text after Number

Alignment   Page Offset

Add Footer

Add on First Page  Show Page Number

Text Before Page Number

Text after Number

Alignment   Page Offset

Font Color Red Green Blue Font Size (Point)
Margin from Edge Left Right Bottom Top   (Points)

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Free PDF Editor Desktop Tools 6: Add Header and Footer on Desktop for Free

This FREE PDF Tool can add header and footer information that is used to present information, such as date, time, page numbers, or the title of the document, in the top or bottom margins of a document.

There are options:

  • You can add header, footer or both.
  • You can decide whether the header or footer is shown on the first page.
  • You can decide whether the page number is shown automatically.
  • You can add some text string before or after the page number.
  • You can adjust the alignment on the PDF Page and the page offset if you want to begin with higher or lower value.
  • You can change the text string's Font Encode,  Font Name, Font Style, Font Size and Font Color.
  • You can define the left, right, bottom and top margins from page edge.
  • You can resume the options from last saving.

Here are the steps on how to Add Header and Footer into PDF Pages:

1. Choose  Free PDF Tools > Add Header and Footer

2. Select a PDF file that you want to add header and footer.

3. The Add Header and Footer dialog box comes up:

  • To change the content of header or footer, click to select or unselect Add Header or Add Footer.
    Click Add on First Page if you like to have header or footer on 1st page
    Click Show Page Number if you like to show number on each page.  Enter the text information such as date, time, or the title of the document, before or after number.
    Enter the text before or after Page Number.
    Click the appropriate alignment control to change the position of the header or footer from left, center or right.
    Page Offset: Add the page offset number to current page number and the total page count.
  • To change text properties, select the font name, style, size and color.
  •  To set white space around the header or footer, set the margins from the edges. The top margin setting applies to header. The bottom margin setting applies to the footer. The left margin setting applies to the left alignment while the right margin setting applies to the right alignment.

PDFill almost supports all the languages: ANSI, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, BALTIC, EASTEUROPE, OEM, MAC, RUSSIAN, SYMBOL, TURKISH, GREEK, ARABIC, HEBREW, THAI and VIETNAMESE. Here are the tips for the international user:

1. Select your language coding from PDFill Options. You may try to select a different font to see if it works. Some font may be empty.

2. To have your font, please make sure that you can view your language in IE browser. Please install your language font if you cannot find your language coding.

3 . Download the Asian and Central European font packs for your Adobe Reader:


4. Click Save As to have a new PDF file.  The new file may be launched automatically if you have installed Adobe Reader.

5. Do experiment with the options available to see which best suit your needs.  Click Close to finish.

Note: If you have problem to read your PDF into PDFill, open your PDF document inside Adobe Reader. Then, print into a new PDF using PDFill PDF Writer.

Batch (DOS) Command Support: (It is only available for the registered user of PDFill PDF Editor)

You can start a batch job in Windows by issuing the execution command directly from the MS-DOS command prompt window without opening the PDFill GUI.
Note: Please put "" on your file name with space. Make sure all command is in one line.

"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" HeadFoot INPUT OUTPUT flagHeadFoot addOnFirstPage leftMargin rightMargin bottomMargin topMargin "HeaderFooterString"
-align 1 -pageOffset 10 -fontEncode "Western"  -fontName "Times New Roman" -fontStyle 3  -fontSize 12.0  -rgbFontColor "0 0 255" -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last"

  • INPUT: an input PDF File or an input folder with PDF Files
  • OUTPUT: an output PDF File or an output folder with PDF Files
  • flagHeadFoot: 0 is Adding Header Only, 1 is Adding Footer only, and 2 is adding both Header and Footer.
  • addOnFirstPage: If 1, add on First Page; if 0, don't add on First page
  • leftMargin rightMargin bottomMargin topMargin: Specify the white margin space around the header or footer.
  • "HeaderFooterString": "Test Page <<1>> of <<N>> <<R>>Page <<Bates#6#Offset#100>><<R>>Date: <<mm/dd/yyyy>>
    "<<1>> of <<N>>" Where <<1>> means Page Index and <<N>> is the total page number.
    "<<Bates#6#Offset#100>>" defines the bates number with digit 6 and the offset 100.
    <<R>> defines the new line.
    <<m/d>> <<m/d/yy>> <<m/d/yyyy>> <<mm/dd/yy>> <<mm/dd/yyyy>> <<d/m/yy>> <<d/m/yyyy>> <<dd/mm/yy>> <<dd/mm/yyyy>> and <<mm/yy>> define the Date format.
  • -align 1: (Optional) the value can 0 (left), 1 (center) or 2 (right). Default is 0.
  • -pageOffset 10: (Optional) the page offset to add onto the page Index and the total page number.  Default is 0.
  • -fontEncode "Western": (Optional) Font Encode. Default is "Western".
  • -fontName "Times New Roman": (Optional) Font name. Default is "Times New Roman".
  • -fontStyle 3: (Optional) Font Styles: 0 (Regular), 1 (Bold), 2 (Italic) and 3 (Bold Italic). Default is 0
  • -fontSize 12.0: (Optional) Font Size. Default is 12.0
  • -rgbFontColor "0 0 255": (Optional) font color in Red, Green and Blue Component between 0 to 255. Default is 0 0 255. Note: Put "" on the 3 values and each value (0-255) is separated with space.
  • -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last": (Optional) The pages not shown.  
  • Example:
    "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" HeadFoot "D:\BatchTest\FormsAPIReference.pdf"  "D:\BatchTest\output.pdf"  2 1 18 36 18 36  "Test Page <<1>> of <<N>> <<R>>Page <<Bates#6#Offset#100>><<R>>Date: <<mm/dd/yyyy>>"  -align 1 -pageOffset 10 -fontEncode "Western" -fontName "Times New Roman" -fontStyle 3 -fontSize 12.0 -rgbFontColor "0 0 255" -pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last"


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