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PDFill PDF Search: Advanced Text Search

You run search to find specific texts in PDF document. You can also search as part of the redaction process, which removes sensitive or private information from PDF you distribute.

Please note: not all PDF files contain searchable text. If the text in the PDF was originally saved as an image, it will not be searchable.

STEP 1. Choose Edit Menu > Advanced Text Search . Or Press Ctrl + Shift + F.

or click the Advanced Text Search in the Navigation Toolbar

STEP 2. Type search text in the Search for Text Box on the Search Toolbar. Select option for New PDFill Objects, Case-Sensitive, or Whole Words Only.  Click Search Button.

STEP 3. Review search results

After you run a search from the Search window, the results appear in page order.  Each item listed includes a few words of context.

Select and item to jump to a specific area in the search results.

Right Click the mouse to show the following menu:

Select Original Texts
Exit Selection.
Copy Original Text to Clipboard (FREE)
Delete Selected Objects
Replace with a Single Line Text
Highlight Original Text (FREE Comment)
Strikethrough Original Text (FREE Comment)
Underline Original Text (FREE Comment)
Squiggly Original Text (FREE Comment)
Add Note To Replace Text (FREE Comment)
Add Note to Text (FREE Comment)
Create Link (FREE Comment)
Add Bookmark
Search Google for (FREE)
Select All


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