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Right Click Menus in PDFill PDF Editor

1. Inside the Text Editor:

Cut Text
Copy Text
Paste Text
Select All Text
Spell Check on Current Text
Undo Typing inside Text Editor
Redo Typing inside Text Editor
Save this text into AutoFill List
Select a text from AutoFill List
Cut Current Object
Copy Current Object
Delete Current Object

2. The Border of Current Object:

Cut Object
Copy Object
Paste Object
Move or Duplicate Objects
Place Multiple Objects
Delete Current Object
Ungroup Objects
Set Current Object as Default
Save Current Object As

3. The Multiple Selected Objects

Select to Edit
Cut Object
Copy Object
Paste Object
Move or Duplicate Objects
Delete Multiple Objects
Group Objects
Property for Multiple Objects
Show/Hide: Page Grid, Page Ruler, Form Field Name, Tab Order and White Space inside Text Box
PDFill Options

4.  The Curve Object

Close Path
Edit Path
Set the Curve as Default
Save Current Curve As ...
Move or Duplicate Objects
Place Multiple Objects
Delete Current Curve

5. Selection of Ink Object

Cut Ink
Copy Ink
Paste Ink
Delete Selected Ink
Ink Default Properties

6.  The Border of the Original Form Field

Make Current Original Form Field Editable
Make Entire Original Fields Editable
Change Display Font Encode and Name Only
Delete Current Form Field
Delete all Original Form Fields
Delete Current Page

7. Bookmark

New Bookmark After
New Bookmark Under
Set Destination
Use Current Appearance as New Default
Paste Under selected Bookmark
Paste After selected Bookmark

8. Layer

Show or Hide Layer
New Layer After or Under
Rename This Layer
Delete This Layer and Under
Layer Properties
Set This Layer as Default Layer
Clear the Current Default Layer

9. Thumbnail

Select or Unselect
Delete Selected Pages
Extract Selected Pages
Replace Selected Pages
Move Selected Pages Here
Insert Blank Page Here
Insert New Pages Here
Reduce Page Thumbnails
Enlarge Page Thumbnails

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