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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have problems, click here to download the latest PDFill version. When reinstalling, right-click the exe and select "Run as Administrator" to install.

1. Questions about the PDFill License

2. Problems when you download and install

3. Problems when you open a PDF

4. Problems when you edit a PDF

5. Problems when you save the editing into a new PDF

6. Problem with
PDFill PDF Tools or PDFill PDF & Image Writer

1. Questions about the PDFill License

What is PDFill License?

The license for PDFill PDF Editor is lifetime. You have free upgrades as long as you keep the registration code. Please print into the hardcopy to keep it. See License Agreement.

I lost my code. Do I need to buy the software again?

If you purchased PDFill Editor in the 365 days, look up your code using the same email you used when you purchased the product.
If it has been longer than 365 days, PDFill will not be able to resend you your code (see the License Agreement) and you have to buy PDFill again.

How do I register PDFill Editor?

Please click here to see the steps to register PDFill PDF Editor.

My Email has changed. Do I need to change my code?

No. Please still use the old email to register your PDFill.

Do I need to pay for PDFill PDF & Image Writer or PDFill PDF Tools?

No! PDFill PDF & Image Writer and PDFill PDF Tools are included inside the FREE trial version of PDFill PDF Editor. See the License Agreement.

Do I need a PayPal account to buy PDFill PDF Editor?

No. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can STILL use your credit card.  To do so, please click the PayPal icon, then click the option "If you do not have a PayPal account".

PayPal Link Stops working

From Brower, Safety=>Deleting Browsing History. Restart computer to try again.

I didn't get my registration code after I paid

Check your email to make sure that the address you submitted is correct.  If it is correct, make sure that your filters aren't set to block emails from sale@pdfill.com. You can also try to use another email to ask for help.  

Can I just buy one license to use PDFill PDF Editor for both  my home computer and my company computer?

No. Your company and your home represent two users. You need to buy a copy of the software for each of them.    

Where is the registration form?

Start PDFill PDF Editor again. If you are not a registered user, the registration form will show up when you save an edited PDF file. Click the button and enter your information. You can also choose the Help menu => Enter Registration Code. See here for further details on how to register.

The registration code doesn't work.

Please copy and paste the first name, last name, email and registration number from the original email when you registered PDFill. See how to register.

The registration code is successful but it requires registration every time when PDFill Starts.

Please upgrade to 9.0 or later. Please turn off any spyware on your computer, so the code can be successfully written into your registry.

2. Problem when you download and install PDFill

PDFill cannot run properly

You must turn off your Windows Firewall and any Antivirus Software first.  Then, run Windows Update and restart your computer.

1. Uninstall PDFill First from Control Panel. 
2. From Start Menu, Select "Run" and then type "RegEdit" to Delete the registry file under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PlotSoft\.
3. Delete all files under C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\
4. Download the latest PDFill again. When reinstalling, right-click the exe and select "Run as Administrator" to install.

If you still have problem, Restart your computer and Right Click "PDFill PDF Editor" from Desktop and select "Run as Administrator".

Concern about Java Security;
Problem with Java;

Please use Non-Java version of PDFill 11.0.

Install PDFill Silently

Get PDFill_X32.msi from here. Use Command: msiexec.exe /quiet /i PDFill_X32.msi

Install GhostScript Silently

Get GS_Lite.msi from here. Use Command: msiexec.exe /quiet /i GS_Lite.msi

Problems uninstalling older versions of PDFill?

1) Download Microsoft Installer Clean Up from here or zip file.
2) Right click the exe and  select "Run as Administrator".
3) Run "Windows Install Clean Up" from "All Programs"
4) Select PDFill  PDF Editor to clear.
5) Restart computer, then install new version of PDFill again.

Cabinet file is corrupted or missing.

Clean all the Internet Temp Files from Internet Explorer: Safety=>Delete Browsing History.

How can I open PDF Files open inside Internet Explorer?

Adobe Reader=> Edit => Preferences => Internet => Display PDF in Browser

Does PDFill support USB jump drive? No. PDFill is not portable and cannot be installed on a USB jump drive.

Installation stops at "Extracting the Main Application files"

Turn off your Firewall and any Antivirus software. Then, try 32-Bit MSI package or 64-Bit MSI package.

3. Problem when opening a PDF file

PDFill can’t read my PDF; Problem reading all of the PDF pages.

Open your PDF file using Adobe Reader. Print it using PDFill PDF & Image Writer to get a new PDF. Open this new PDF file inside PDFill PDF Editor.

PDFill is slow for my computer that has a low speed CPU.

Reduce the page resolution to 100 dpi. Select Menu Format => PDFill Options => System => Page Resolution.

PDF Page appears blurry.

Select Menu Format => PDFill Options => System => Page Resolution=> 150 dpi.

4. Problem when editing a PDF

When I fill out a form inside PDFill, the field I just filled in does not show up when I move to another field.

Click the Refresh button on the view bar. If that does not work, change the font name to Arial or Times New Roman.

Can I convert non-interactive paper forms into interactive forms automatically?

No. Even the pricier Adobe Acrobat can’t do this. You will need to add interactive form fields one-by-one or type text into the PDF file.

How do I tie several Radio Buttons together so that one and only one is checked and one of them is required?

Use the same form field name for the group of radio buttons, but use different values for each button.

How can I adjust the margins of the PDF page?

If you need more margin, please use Free PDFill PDF Tools to Reformat the PDF page. If you need less margin, please use the Rotate/Crop tool.

How can I fix the form so that the user can only fill the form fields?

PDFill Options => Simple GUI for PDF Form Filler.

How can I see the name of each form field?

PDFill Options => Show Form Name.

Tab Key Stops working.

View Menu=>Reset Toolbars.

Can PDFill edit the static text inside PDF?

Not directly. There are two ways:
1. Use the Whiteout function to cover the original text and then retype over it.
2. Use PDF Object Remover to remove the original text to get a new PDF. Then, open this new PDF to type new text.

Can I search inside PDFill?

NO. Please open your original PDF inside Adobe Reader and search your keyword.

Can PDFill convert PDF into Word or Excel?

NO. Please use Adobe Reader => File Menu=>Save a Text.

Scanner "Server Busy" Problem

Please use PDFill 10 or later  Use the following options:
PDFill PDF Editor: File Menu =>Import Image from Scanner => Scan using WIA
PDFill PDF Tools: Scan into Image or PDF => Scanning Method =>WIA

5. Problem when Saving the editing into a new PDF

The PDF form that I created cannot be filled using Adobe Reader.

Make sure that you use PDF Form Maker to create PDF Form. Please use Text Form Field instead of PDF Filler's Singleline Text or PDF Commenting's TextBox.  If you use PDF Filler or PDF commenting, there will be no interactive PDF Form Fields.

Problem to print the filled PDF;
The saved PDF is opened by PDFill  instead of Adobe Reader.
Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader from here so that Adobe Reader is the default PDF viewer.

I used PDFill to create an interactive fill-in form. Can my client fill and SAVE the filling into a new PDF using Adobe Reader?

Yes, please ask your client to install Adobe Reader XI to save the filling into a new PDF directly.  You can also see alternate solutions.

I don't want to print the PDF and sign on paper, how can I sign my PDF using digital signature on computer?

There are a few ways: (1) Scan your signature from paper into an image and insert image into PDF; (2) Use PDF Comment's Pencil Tool or PDF Drawing's Curve Tool to draw your signature; (3) Use PDF Ink Annotator to draw on PDF on PC with mouse or on Tablet PC using the pen input; (4) Add a Digital Signature (PFX file) into PDF Document.

When a large PDF file is saved, there is an error message “Java out of memory”.

Please use Non-Java version of PDFill 11.0.

Sorry that “my.pdf” cannot be filled by PDFill! Exception in thread “main” Java.Lang String Index Out Of Bounds Exception

Please use Non-Java version of PDFill 11.0.
Some Font name is empty and must be replaced by the most common fonts.
Install the most recent PDFill version.
Edit menu=> Change Text Object's Font Name=>
Select Times New Roman to replace all text fonts=> Click OK

The filling data doesn’t appear on the form. The data disappears after a few seconds or not all of the data is saved into the form.

Try this first: From PDF Saving Options, select “Flattening”.
If that does not work, choose “Make Entire Original Fields Editable” from the edit menu.

I  have the printed paper form. I only want to print the filling data and don't want to print the form again.

Save PDF Options => Form Data Printing Only
Hide the original PDF Page to Print the filling form data  or the new edited objects. It is useful when the pre-printed paper form is ready.
If you scan a paper form to fill, you need to make a copy of the project file and then delete the scanned image.

I don't like the font name, size or color inside the PDF Form fields.

From Menu Edit > Make Current Original Form Field Editable

The Submit Form button produces an error message “Cannot handle context type: text/html”

Save your PDF form to your web server instead of your local computer.

There is a watermark printed on every new PDF page after I buy PDFill PDF Editor.

After you buy PDFill PDF Editor, you must register PDFill first !!!
Please save your filling project into a PFL file before you buy PDFill.
After you register PDFill, resume the saved PFL file and save it into a new PDF.
The best way is to reopen your original PDF that has no watermark and fill again.  You can also reopen the original PDF inside PDFill, then Edit Menu=> Copy Edited Objects from Another Project or Copy PDF Form Fields from Another Project.
You may use PDF Object Remover to remove the watermark to get a new PDF.

The commenting text style inside PDFill is different than that in the PDF Output.

Note: Adobe Reader will use its default font for PDF Commenting Text. So, the text style inside PDFill will be different than that inside Adobe Reader. To exactly control  the text style (font encode, font name, font size and font style) in the PDF output, please use the Single Line Text or Multiple Line Text. You can convert all the Commenting text into Multiple Line Text from Edit Menu.

Problem with language encoding and font.

From PDFill Options, select your language coding and then your desired font. You may play with several fonts to see if it works. If you have problem, please open a new blank PDF project, test your language coding and font, then, save into a new PDF to see if it works.  If this works, please open your original PDF inside adobe reader, print it into PDFill PDF Writer to get a new PDF, open this new PDF inside PDFill.

The new PDF Form Field doesn't show in the PDF with PDF/A Mode .

Please open your original PDF inside adobe reader, print it into PDFill PDF Writer to get a new PDF, open this new PDF inside PDFill.  Use Edit Menu=> Copy Edited Objects from Another Project.

How can I change the color of the PDF Form Field inside Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader => Preference =>Forms=>Fields Highlight Color

Can PDFill PDF Editor reduce or optimize the size of the PDF file?

Sorry that PDFill PDF Editor cannot optimize or reduce the PDF size. You can try two methods that may work:
1. Open your PDF inside Adobe Reader, Print into PDFill PDF Writer with the Screen Option of  PDF Optimization.
2. Convert your PDF into Images with 72 dpi. Then, convert Images back to PDF.


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